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Our Goldens and Fostering Program

SINCE 1976, we have produced and owned countless Golden Retriever Champions and Top 10 winners.  Our breeding program is based around sound temperament and an overall health of the dog.  We learn more and more everyday and offer all of this new and current information to our new families.

Ask about our "FOSTERING FAMILIES" program! We have outstanding GOLDEN RETRIEVERS available for local families that are leash and crate trained, and amazingly sweet, loving temperaments. A wonderful way to incorporate an amazing companion into your home. This is an adoption program that has proven to be very successful for our families, and most importantly our Goldens. 

ALL of our Goldens that are introduced into our program are FULLY CERTIFIED through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).  We do extensive Hereditary Clearances for HIPS, ELBOWS, HEART (Cardiologist certified) and EYES.  We practice and recommend and more holistic approach to the care of our dogs.  Limited exposure to toxins and carcinogens found in many of the products used on and fed to dogs.  We are here to help educate our clients in a more current understanding with respect to the concerns.

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