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WELCOME to Westergaard Kennels! We are celebrating over 29 years in business! 
Built and opened in 1989 - We are very proud to say that we have owned & operated our kennel since day one,  never has been bought OR sold. We are very grateful to our clients that have been with us for the entire time and as grateful & welcoming to our new clients joining our "Family" each day.


PLAYTIME IS AVAILABLE (required for elderly dogs and dogs under 1 year) IS AVAILABLE FOR AN ADDITIONAL $6.00 PER DAY (this is per family and not per dog).  EVERYONE PAYS FOR THE DAY YOU DROP OFF AND SUNDAY.  CHECK OUT BY 12:00 NOON IN ORDER TO NOT PAY FOR THAT DAY. 
We are open 7 days a week and many holidays. MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 9-12 AM AND 3-6 PM, SATURDAY MORNINGS 9-12 AND SUNDAY AFTERNOONS 3-6. Beautiful, comfortable, FRIENDLY, climate controlled environment that offers the very best CARE during your dog's stay. Our monitored INDOOR/COVERED OUTDOOR runs offer a gracious amount of space for your dog to move about freely. We are happy to also offer your dog additional "Playtime" and/or "Special Needs" for older dogs and or younger pups. ALL NEW EXPANSIVE/GRASSED PLAY YARDS NOW AVAILABLE ! You can request a bath for your dog for the day of pick up. We offer bathing/brushings along with full grooming on Goldens. Please email or CALL/TEXT 336-698-5289 for details. CONTACT US TODAY TO MAKE YOUR EASTER, SPRING BREAK AND SUMMER VACATION RESERVATIONS NOW ! 

  • Open 7 days a week

  • Climate controlled environment

  • Indoor/Outdoor covered dog runs

  • Additional Playtime available​

Contact Us Today

Westergaard Kennels Inc.

Dog Boarding Specialists
(336) 643-5169
  • "Special Care" requests available

  • ​​Expansive/Grassed Play Yards

  • Bathing/Brushing available upon request